Board and Interest Group Leaders

Email any of the Board and/or Interest Group Leaders at 

The Nashoba Valley Neighbors Club is run by volunteers from within the Membership. The 2024-2025 Board Members and Interest Group leaders are:

President:  Patty Sutherland

Past President:  Laura Lunardo

Treasurer:  Linda Moynihan

Secretary:  Patty Sutherland

Membership:  Kevin Moitoso & Committee (Roxy Rocker, Charlotte Timlege & Patty Sutherland)

Website/Technology: CMB Virtual Services/TBD

Photographer:  All Members

Movie Group:  Board/TBD

Ladies Night Out:  Board Ladies

Men's Night Out:  Kevin Moitoso

Book Group:  Laura Lunardo

Brunch Lovers:  Roxy Rocker

Wine Tasting:  Board/TBD

Lunch Bunch:  Grace Fracasso & Bob Coan

Dinner Club:  Patty Sutherland & Kevin Connolly

Group Outings:  Board/TBD

Trivia Group:  Heidi Matthew