Interest Groups

Nashoba Valley Neighbors is made up of a number of Interest Groups that are open to all members. These groups allow members to pick and choose what type of activities they want to get involved with. To find out more about these groups please read the group's overview below.

Do you have a special talent or interest? If you have a particular interest that is not shown here and are prepared to lead that group please contact Patty or anyone on the board at

Book Group

Group Outings

Read, think, meet, eat; ask, share, laugh--repeat! Book group is a great way to relax with a good read, then share an evening with friends who want to know what’s on your mind. You needn't be a “regular”-- come when you can, just RSVP to the host. We meet at members’ houses throughout the year.

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Group Outings are all about...everyone having fun! 

By the way, we also taste wine.  The Wine Tasting format is generally a gathering at a member’s home, 5 or 6 wines ranging in price from modest to moderate ($12 - $30).  There is usually a theme to tie them together.  Light hors d'oeuvres are provided by attendees.  Cost is $15 - $20 per person, which covers the wine and some additional snacks.  Lots of conversation, some of it about wine, maybe a fun game.  Very casual - no wine snobbery is allowed.

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Ladies’ Night Out

Lunch Bunch

Ladies' Night Out (LNO) offers a variety of fun social activities with good company and conversation. In addition to providing your significant other with an opportunity to bond with the kids, LNO gives you the chance to have an evening out attending all  the fun activities LNO has to offer such as dinner, movies, evening trips, cooking classes, pottery, and so much more! If you're interested in joining,  please contact us for more information.

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Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 12:30 at a local restaurant for great food, great conversation and a chance to meet old and new friends.

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Dinner Group

Meets once a month at a local restaurant for dinner, great conversation, and a chance to meet old and new friends.

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Mens' Night Out

Go-kart racing, drinking beer, playing golf, drinking beer, bowling, drinking beer, brewery visits, drinking beer. Put a bunch of guys together and it is amazing the various activities  we can get up to!

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Movie Night

Contact  Patty. or Email with suggestions of upcoming movies to see.


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Trivia GROUP

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