Virtual Wine Tasting - Saturday March 20, 2021 - 7:00PM

Hello Neighbors,

We're planning a virtual wine tasting for Saturday March 20th. 

The event will take place over a Zoom session (link to be provided later), hosted by a private sommelier.  We are finalizing the exact wines we will be tasting but need your RSVP for planning purposes.  The event will include 2 whites, and 2 reds, and the theme is Old World vs. New World.  The cost of the event is $20 for tasting the 2 reds, $20 for tasting the 2 whites, or $40 for both red and white tasting.  We are looking to place a bulk order for all the wine, and will work out a way to get everyone their own bottles of wine before the event, either by pickup at a convenient location (e.g. Patty's house) or could be delivered if necessary.  The club will purchase the wines upfront, and you will be asked to pay for your wines upon pickup or delivery.

In order to pull this together, we need you to fill out the attached Poll, which basically asks which wines you want to have for your tasting.

Please reply by Saturday March 13th so we have adequate time for putting together the bulk order.

Regards, Dave

VIDEO CHAT LINK see invitation