Wednesday, Oct. 12, 7pm

Post date: Sep 26, 2011 12:12:25 AM

Here we are mixing two of MNOs favorite activities – beer and sports! This time we will actually be a little more energetic – combining golf and drinking (though not drinking and driving!) playing the indoor golf simulators at Chip Shots Sports Bar, 245 Ayer Rd in Littleton from 7pm until the last putt is holed!

Chip Shots offers two of the most advanced golf simulators on the market today. The simulators offer incredibly realistic course play, with 28 unique courses based on real and fantasy locations. Challenge yourself with Pebble Beach or enjoy the scenery of the Infamous 18.

The simulators are produced by About Golf and not only look amazing, they utilize state of the art technology to accurately track club speed, ball speed, and ball spin. This combination produces the most realistic golf experience you can get indoors. Sensors behind the screen use Doppler radar to track hundreds of points on the club head and the struck golf ball and use a powerful computer to project your ball's flight on the 12' by 9' screen.

The simulators are $32 per hour and typically 9 holes can be played in 1 hour with up to 4 golfers per group. So we can offer something for everyone – just the golf, just the drinking, or in true MNO style – both!

Please RSVP to Chris at by Sunday, Oct. 9 so we can plan numbers. Thanks!