Tubing Wrapup

Post date: Feb 19, 2011 2:06:54 PM

The crazy four of Chris Anderton, Alan Fletcher, David Specter, and Tony Mascarin braved the cold night air and hit the Tubing slopes. As is the culture of Mens' Night Out (MNO) – we did it our way!

With freezing temperatures making the runs very quick, Chris developed the Anderton move – twisting sideways at the last moment before hitting the padded barrier at the end of the run and getting stuck underneath it (twice). Alan and David decided it was more fun see where they were coming from rather than going and mastered the reverse tube position of going down backwards. Tony’s “luge” approach to lay flat and watch the night sky certainly provided some of the fastest runs, and then Chris decided that tubing down the rope lift would be fun and managed to get unhooked and take off down the lift run taking Tony completely by surprise as they went past in opposite directions!

A great evening was capped off by reviving battered bodies with an infusion of alcohol in the bar afterwards.