The Post @ O'neil Cinemas - Tuesday February 13, 2018

Post date: Feb 9, 2018 4:20:22 AM

Hello NVN movie goers, Let's plan to get together and catch a movie at O'Neil Cinemas next Tues - Feb 13th. It's discount night with tickets at $6/each.


Feb 9th update:

Let's meet up next Tues 2/13 to see "The Post" at 7:35pm in Littleton.

Tickets for this movie can be purchased on-line, and seats are reserved. Everyone is responsible to buy their own tickets.

Website for O'Neil Cinema is:

For those interested, we will meet up for dinner around 6pm in The Point somewhere, location TBD.


Feb 7th update - the list of movies that will be playing next Tues 2/13 at O'Neil Cinemas is out. I've shortened the list that we'll vote on to the following 3 movies:

The Post - 735pm

The Shape of Water - 710pm

The Greatest Showman - 725pm

Please consider which one you're interested in, and let me know via the Evite.

For more info contact DaveT or email