Frugal Feast April 17th

Post date: Apr 15, 2010 2:41:49 AM

Frugal Feast – Wines of Great Value

Tax time commeth and we are all feeling a little pinched. What is a wine savvy consumer to do when that $35 Chateauneuf Du Pape 2007 is gong to break the budget? I treat it like a game. How can I get the most in my glass for the least amount of money? When you grow up as one of nine children, you learn very early to be a value-conscious connoisseur. It is what is in the glass, not what is on the label that counts.

On April 17th we will have an exploration of great value wines for insanely low prices. To eliminate any preconceptions we might have, I'll do the tasting blind. You will have the chance to taste two wines side by side and decide which of them you like. The wines will be the same grape type, but of very different styles. We'll repeat the process for both red and white wines. As an added bonus, we'll give you a chance to match the wines with the grape type. I'll have some scent vials available if you want a reference sample to match against the wines. Don't worry this won't be a graded exam. It is just for your fun and enjoyment.

Vikki and Andy Carter will host the event at their home, the B&B Amerscot House 61 West Acton Road, Acton MA. We will begin the festivities at 7:30 PM and encourage you to bring a wine friendly appetizer to share. The tasting will include a broad sampling of white and red wines that you won't mind cracking open on any given Tuesday evening. The fee will be $20 per person and as always, there will be no charge for the non-drinking designated driver. We encourage everyone to enjoy the evening by drinking responsibly.

Please RSVP to Erik Molander at or call 978-263-0929.